I’ve been using GitHub Pages with a site of my own design, showing a list of my repos as an early try at Bootstrap, for a while. I’ve blogged on other systems, like Blogger, but decided to try Jekyll.

My first pass was to try to get this working specifically as jacoby.github.io/blog, keeping that first page as mine, and MAN it would not go.

This seems to work well. My preferences for programming are Perl and Javascript (I hate writing it in camel-case), and if I can just put in code blocks, it will satisfy my needs.

// Javascript example

  for ( i = 0 ; i < 10 ; i ++ ) {
    var r = ( -1 + ( 2 * Math.random() ) ).toFixed(2) ;
# Perl example

    for my $module ( @modules ) {
        no strict 'refs' ;
        my $ver = ${ $module . '::VERSION' } ;
        diag( "Using $module $ver" ) ;

Looks good so far. I think I’ll have to make some things to automate the page creation and memorize some markdown, but I like.