gizmomathboy told me to write a note, because I hadn’t touched this process for years. This is me writing that note.

For a lot of modules, they have a Makefile. Even if they don’t have anything to compile.

The trick there is with make dist, which creates a distribution. And, in terms of PAUSE, the way that modules enter CPAN, a dist is a distribution, which is a file taking the form $MODULE_NAME-$VERSION_NUMBER.tar.gz, which of course you could make yourself, but by using a makefile, you consistently do the right thing.

Then, you log into PAUSE and upload it. There are means to add this to your GitHub Actions, which I might do for some projects. The thing that hits me is that unless $VERSION_NUMBER changes, and changes up, PAUSE doesn’t do anything with it. Does it make it “safe” and “okay” to make a bunch of builds when you’re just adding testing?

Anyway, note to self.

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