Just a few fairly random thoughts about how apps should behave but don’t. Maybe if I write up my desires, those behaviors will come.

Podcasts and Audiobooks for Chromecast/Google TV

I have a Chromecast with Google TV. It has apps, and you can also just say “that’s a screen that anyone on the network can use”, and I use both methodologies.

I like the app interface, but there are no podcast apps that are apps on Chromecast/Google TV (I’ll say Google TV from now), so while I can queue up something when I’mm falling asleep, for example, and not be surprised to find that half my to-listen list has been gone through while I was asleep. Google Podcasts exists and is okay. I liked Pocketcasts for when I was commuting, because I could pre-download so that there would be no stalling and buffering while I was driving, but now I work from home, and my needs have changed. Now, having the one unified to-watch list available on all my devices (incuding desktop and Google TV) and playing on the TV are my top features.

I just remembered one. Spotify. The problem is that I have Spotify connected to Last.FM, and I would truly and sincerely prefer to cause pain to myself and loved ones than have podcasts added to those listings. When I wonder what I’ve listened to the most, it is and is meant to be entirely about songs.

This is just as true with Audiobooks. I have a fair amount of Audible audiobooks and one on Google Play Books. (That one is Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman, and if there was ever a book that does not work on audiobook, it is Thinking, Fast and Slow.) There is no Audible app for Google TV, nor is there a Google Play Books app. You can cast from Google Play Books, and you can cast your screen while playing something on Audible, but I so want to get into bed, queue up a chapter or a podcast with the Google TV zapper, press “play” and close my eyes, secure in the idea that the desired behavior, whichever that is, will happen while I begin to sleep.

Why no podcasts or audiobooks for Google TV?

I’m considering a road trip. I’ll be driving because I’m the family driver. Google Maps will be the primary navigator, and the entertainment (be it music, podcasts or audiobooks) will be run on that device, so that the audio will mute and directions will take over when I need to take a turn.

But there are places between here and there, including gas and food, and I want to be able to have another user in my Google Maps navigation session without handing around my phone.

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