The Man in the Cyberpunk Mask

In My New Mask

After my alloted work time, I decided to go out and take a walk, and as the Dread Pirate Roberts said, they are very comfortable, I wore my mask.

It was also cloudy enough that wearing the sunglasses was an iffy decision, but I did that as well.

And I found myself clouding my glasses. The trick, I believe, is to breathe in with the nose, but breathe out like you’re blowing out a candle. It worked well enough, when I remembered. I could’ve gone without glasses, as there wasn’t anything I really needed to see, but there we are.

Of the people I saw, I don’t know that I saw anyone else wearing a mask. On the other hand, I gave everyone a wide berth and the groups I saw seemed fairly clearly to be family groups who have spent the last few months together.

And I found that my ears don’t really hold the loops. Maybe my chin is too big for this mask? The earbuds kept the mask in place until the battery died and I took ‘em off.

Save A Penny

I am looking at an email from CamelCamelCamel, a service that tracks your Amazon wishlist and tells you when prices drop.

This one is specifically about a Broadband Modem, which would allow me to switch to 4G when my wired connection to the Internet starts to suck. When it’s home use — streaming, downloading updates to my personal laptop, etc — it’s frustrating that our ISP sucks, but when it’s work, then it becomes crucial.

“We need to move.” — Me, after another evening when our sub-par Internet decided to give up again.

So, after getting the broadband modem, you get a SIM card from some place like Ting and start paying those data rates. I’m not overly fond of this idea, but I’d rather work and get paid than to not.

In this case, the price dropped all of $0.01. Celebrate! Now’s the time to get this broadband modem, because the priced dropped all of one penny!

Granted, cheaper than packing up and moving all my stuff elsewhere. But when I get really desperate for bits during the day, I use my iPhone as a hotspot.

I think I’ve only had to do that once.

There’s not one of my litany of complaints — bad internet, expensive cellular networks, insufficient filters on alerts — here, but the combination of the three amused me.

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