“HTML is Boring”

This is a message my friend tweeted, then immediately deleted, as he decided to not “stir the pot”.

I’m game. HTML is Boring.

By and large, it is a good thing. I mean, writing (or in this current case, typing) is boring, because the thing you’re ending up with is what’s cool.

I mean, the first passes of HTML is to give us a quick and easy way to do the same things as we got from Word — bold, italics, paragraphs, lists and the like — and designers and developers trying to turn HTML into a pixel-perfect thing, despite going to different browsers on different screens with different resolutions on different operating systems.

That HTML is boring because it is simple: solving problems we’ve solved before. We want the useful technologies to be boring, because if they’re not, it’s hard to build upon them. Routing emails is boring because we don’t have to deal with bang paths and such. Internal combustion is boring. These are good things.

But there’s more.

There’s lots to make things work for different languages, for accessability, and grids for responsive design across several platforms, and beyond. And y’know, I see why it’s considered important and all, but honestly, I find it tedious.

Largely, when I touch it, I use templates and automate it as much as possible.

HTML is boring. I stand by that statement.

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