It’s been a quiet week in Lake Plague.

As I think I mentioned, I took advantage of my new vision plan in February, getting a new set of glasses with my now signature dark thick frames. When picking up my new glasses, I decided to get sunglass lenses put in my old frames, and they were set to be done about the time everything shut down.

Today, they’re open again, in a very locked-down way, but they said I could drive up and call in, and they’d take ‘em out to me, and so now I have sunglasses!

Dave, Protecting His ~~Identity~~ Health

Yes, I’m rocking a bandana instead of doing the whole mask thing. I hit an ATM for … reasons, and for the second time in this time of lockdown, I’ve gone past the trash can and out to the world.

But I did order the Rob Sheridan mask I mentioned in a previous post, which is really me resigning myself to the fact that this is will continue to be a thing and I will have to dress for the occasion.

I’ve blogged already this evening, and the previous blogging is in this repo, but hasn’t been pushed out yet. When you see this, the others should be up.

Beyond that, movies! We rewatched The Martian and Fargo recently, and K and the Young One stayed up to watch Raising Arizona. In this house, we respect the Coen Brothers, it seems.

(Honestly, though: The Coens do as much to make temples to genres as they do to make narratives that stand on their own, and sometimes, like with Hudsucker Proxy, they go much more into their film shrines than they do making good movies. I do still say “Y’know, for the kids!” sometimes, so …)

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